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Excerpts from recent reviews

As King Lear in A Fool’s Lear
 adapted from Shakespeare’s King Lear at the IRT Theatre
in a co-production with Accidental Rep, directed by H.Clark Kee

But ultimately, this is King Lear’s show all the way, and Mark Peters (on stage almost the entire running time) is excellent as his monarch evolves from frailty to full-on madness, becoming increasingly more animated in the process.

Lavender After Dark

Whether being pushed in a wheelchair or hobbling around on a cane, Mark Peters is an excellent Lear. Mr. Peters forcefully captures all of the character’s pathos, humor and despair with his mature presence and rich vocal delivery.

Kee’s enlightened understanding of the power of The Fool to bring King Lear (an excellent and touching portrayal by Mark Peters) to his final redemption, manifests beautifully in his production.

Sandi Durell’s Theatre Pizzazz

As De Guiche in Cyrano
at Theatre at St. Clement’s, produced by Resonance Ensemble;
Gabriel Barre, director and star

Mark Peters is a resourceful multiple part player, especially as the arrogant cynic De Guiche.

– CurtainUp

The entire cast performs well, especially…Mark Peters…in multiple roles.


As Sharky in The Seafarer
at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket;
John V. Shea, artistic director, Ciaran Byrne, director

As played by TWN newcomer Mark Peters, Sharky’s all bottled up and overly pensive, yet superbly sympathetic. We’ve been there, too. Peters’ penetrating and unwavering characterization of the troubled Sharky, sometimes subdued and other times explosive, exemplifies excellence in acting.

– Nantucket’s Inquirer and Mirror

As Frank Elgin in The Country Girl
at Fleetwood Stage in New Rochelle, NY;
Lewis Arlt, producer, Gene Minkow, director

Minkow’s ace in the hole is Mark Peters as Frank. Peters gives a thoughtful, measured performance that drags him into the depths but ultimately sees him through to the other side.

Peters takes us along with him—from uncertain actor summoned by the director for a cold reading to the out-of-town tryout and the demons that await him to opening night in New York—with assuredness and a commanding grasp of the material. His Frank has been through a lot and, at the end of the night, we have been, too.

Peters’ performance is worth the price of admission. Watch him take this ride. It’s a performance you won’t soon forget.

– Westchester’s The Journal News

Frank Elgin is played by veteran actor Mark Peters. He portrays the alcoholic Frank in an interestingly subtle way, conveying by the shaking hands, the slouched posture and the tentative body language the picture of defeat, but giving the audience glimpses at the much stronger Frank somewhere inside.

The Scarsdale Inquirer

As Ahab in Moby Dick
at the New Repertory Theatre in Boston;
Rick Lombardo, director and producer

Peters…portrays an anti-hero of Shakespearean dimension, an enigmatic figure who unites detachment with an unholy magnetism that turns a community of individuals into a crew of greedy obsessives.


Mark Peters, as Ahab, is effective

Aisle Say

Mark Peters…has a rich voice…does a remarkable job. From The Back Bay Courant: As Ahab, Mark Peters has presence.

The Sunday Standard-Times

Mark Peters is commanding and convincing as Ahab.

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